What To Bring

Dress at Tamango Lodge is relaxed and it is suggested you change from your fishing or hiking clothes to casual dinner attire.

Remember you are going to be in the beautiful remote mountains of Patagonia, Chile.  If there is something you cannot live with out, bring it with you!

Sample packing list:


Thermal underwear (tops and bottoms)

Warm jacket

Long sleeve casting shirts

Lightweight pants

Polar fleece jacket

Rain jacket

Comfortable shoes

Comfortable tech socks

Change of attire for relaxed casual dinners

Waders (Fishing Specific)

Wading Boots (Fishing Specific)

Mini flash light

Medicines and personal items

GEAR NECESSITIES (Fishing Specific)

7 or 8 weight Rods, 9 to 10 feet in length (bring two rods in case one breaks!)

Large Arbor Reel with a good drag system

**extra spool for the Large Arbor Reel with a 350 grain or higher sink tip line

Bass Taper-Floating-7  line for 7 weight rods

Bass Taper-Floating-8 line for 8 weight rods

**not required, but FUN!

9 foot 1X, and 9 foot 2X Leaders

1x and 2x tippet


Fly fisherman snips

Dry-fly floatant

Line Cleaner


Wading staff – for safety, balance and comfort


Fishing hats

2 pair Polarized sunglasses (protect your eyes as well as see the fish)

Sun gloves

Insect repellent

Small waterproof wading pack (chest, back or waist)


Comfortable hiking boots

Hiking Gators

Trekking Poles

Day Pack


Rain jacket

Rain Pants

Clothing Layers