Adventure Hiking

Cerro Castillo is a Chilean National Reserve, soon to be National Park.  With over 180,000 hectares it is one of Patagonia, Chile’s most beautiful places to visit.  The reserve is  recognizable for the jagged peaks, glaciers, and ice blue glacial lakes.  It has been compared to Patagonia’s most famous national park, Torres del Paine, only Cerro Castillo is quieter and equally as spectacular.

Cerro Castillo or Castle Mountain is named for the steep basalt walls making it look like it’s name.  The peak at 7,600 ft. (2,320 m) towers over the area and our day hikes bring you to vantage points from which to view the magnificent mountains.

The Sendero de Chile (Chilean Trail) access is out the door of the lodge.  Literally, the trail runs through the driveway.   “The Sendero de Chile project was launched in the year 2000 by the Chilean government to celebrate the independence from Spain. It aimed to provide access to “Chile’s most awe inspiring landscapes and cultures, from the heights of the altiplano, with its volcanoes and salt flats, to the end of South America.”  The national trail network Sendero de Chile, runs through the length of Chile covering approximately 8,500 km of trails.

The Aysen Region is home to multiple microclimates.  Steppelike plains, temperate rainforest, glaciers, upland desert and mountains.  Our many day hikes and horseback trips will allow you to see and experience the wilds of Patagonia, “the last frontier”.