Just a Little Fishing Story

Day 5:

Another day on a “secret” lake. On the way to the lake we stop off at a house to visit with a recently widowed Chilean woman who Skip has become good friends with. It is truly amazing how she lives….she raises everything she eats – from vegetables, sheep, cattle, chickens and turkeys. She even makes her own clothes from the sheep’s wool and alpaca hair!

On to the lake…once again it is wind-ing and we have to go up the lake 10 miles, and at about mile 5 we decide to just fish the lower end of the lake. The fishing was incredible.  We must have moved and caught 25 fish. At one point, we were wading along a long sandy beach just catching 22 inch after 22 inch after 25 inch and the all of a sudden I feel something a little bigger than the normal…..he jumps twice and I can see he is much bigger than the others (which were big in their own right) The fish fights for a couple of minutes and I think were about to land him and for no reason he just spits the fly back at me. I am completely mortified, I just lost the biggest fish of my life. Well what can I do? We continue fishing and catch a couple more 20 inchers and then Skip hooks a good fish…after a few minutes we land him, measure him and he goes 27 inches. After we release him, Skip and I look at each other and were both thinking the same thing but I didn’t want to say it. Finally Skip says, “Holy Shit, your fish looked much bigger than this fish…I think it might have been 30 inches!” The more I thought about it the sicker I got…


Skip with another Brown


writer: Bret Boone