Nic Fin Patagonia would like to invite you to our lodge in Patagonia, Chile.  Our staff and guides can promise you an adventure of a lifetime.

Sight fishing 5 to 15 pound browns on white sandy beaches or casting bass poppers for full aerial brown trout that splash like a kitchen table hitting the water will have you amazed, blown away, and figuring out a way to come back!  80% of our fish are caught on dry flies, to bring you an awesome visual experience.

Seeing the fish take your fly is only half of the visual experience.  Be prepared for stunning scenery which awaken you in a magical way only Patagonia, Chile can do.  If a sense of adventure, a love of the outdoors, and catching big browns on dry flies is your idea of a good time, please come join us for an experience of a lifetime.

Hiking the Sendero Trail from the steps of the lodge into the Cerro Castillo National Reserve is the most unique hikes available in Patagonia.  This access is located on our 600 acre private estancia.   Hiking through the wild region, we will show you sights and scenery of Patagonia very few ever experience.  Our hikes will leave you with memories that will fill your dreams!  We invite you to join us December, January, February and March in Patagonia, Chile.

NIC FIN PATAGONIA, where mountains meet the water.